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Thank you for bringing Resonant Soul to life!


To continually nurture the mind, body and spirit is essential to leading healthy, happy and productive lives. Spartan Controls is excited to partner with Corp Bara Dance Theatre in support of innovative ways to help individuals and their communities, on their wellness journeys.

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Meet our Film Sponsors!

We're so grateful to our community sponsors for recognizing the value of Resonant Soul's mission to provide guided art-watching for wellness, and partnering with us to make it truly excellent. We couldn't have done it without you!

  • Breath - Anonymous

    Breathing can alter the speed of a moment. An automatic function, breathing can also be controlled, slowing down time, shifting  perspective and creating space. We can take comfort in the circular constancy of inspiration {filling, energizing} and expiration {emptying, releasing}.

  • Grace - Anonymous

    Letting go of guilt and shame is a beautiful challenge. When trapped in a cycle more practiced at self-loathing and criticism, the self is lost. What if all one can do is begin with shedding - unfastening the dark layers, the weighted surfaces, the armour holding together false security. As one descends, faint reminders of worth grow, and room for kindness and forgiveness takes space. 

  • Vulnerability - Ambrose Arts

    Ambrose Arts is about cultivating the unique artist living in you.

    We feel a kinship with Corps Bara and their vision to explore meaningful questions while in community. This is what art should do. We chose the theme of Vulnerability as this is what we ask our students to do, daily. To open themselves up to failure and rejection on the way to being a better artist and a better person.

  • Empathy - Annonymous

    Empathy requires effort, practice, and differentiation. Soft body, open mind, responsive spirit allows the imagination to respond to the experiences of others, birthing empathy; the ability to see both the self and others in a more clear, compassionate and joyful way.

  • Interconnection - Hatlie Group

    Helping organizations build capacity to support positive change.

    We set ourselves apart with our holistic approach to sustainability and work with non-profit and public sector organizations to clarify strategy and direction, strengthen operations, and support effective and efficient governance practice.

  • Abundance - Wilde and Company

    Wilde and Company builds on a solid foundation of Accountability, Respect and Abundance. We are trusted and valued business advisors and community leaders that provide exceptional business advisory services through a collaborative approach to help business succeed. 

  • Community is many things: An interconnectedness, a sense of belonging, a strength in numbers. We are proud to support this initiative by Corps Bara, and applaud them for using their well-honed craft to promote all of the above.

  • Renewal - Anonymous

    A wave that washes over you, the earth that holds you, the trees that generously give you life. As we connect with these elements, we encounter Love, and we are renewed... in body, mind and spirit.

  • We call Calgary home and this community is important to us! We believe in making contributions to creating a stronger, more vibrant city for the future by committing to the community. Through investments of time and funding we work to address the issues impacting the daily lives of our neighbours.

  • Divine presence…always with us; in the hoping, in the waiting, in the struggle,, when we are blessed to feel it, and especially when we don’t. 

    My presence… I am only fully realized through others’ care, their love, and through our differences. 

    Others’ presence… Friends, family, ancestors, those who will be. Echoes of memories and touch, words and experiences, prayers and flesh that have formed us, connecting us.

Our Funders and Community partners