Vital 2024

Vital is Corps Bara's invitation to contemplate through dance the moments in which we feel truly alive. 

Moments that take our breath away and quicken our pulse. Moments that offer space for long, luxurious exhales and a grounded body.

Moments that cause us to feel, to feel so acutely we cannot possibly deny our own tumultuous humanity.

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Friday and Saturday February 23-24, 2024

at the DJD Dance Center.

Evening performances 7:30pm

Saturday matinee 2pm

(relaxed performance)

This year's performance of Vital will feature two new works created on our CBII company, one piece of repertoire set on both companys, solos choreographed by the CBII dancers and a 20 minute work created on and with the Corps Bara company by Kathryn Hood, our incoming artistic director.

In the works we explore themes of overwhelming beauty, the cyclical nature of death and renewal, the passing of time and the moments that punctuate it by searing memories into the fabric of our lived experiences.

You can expect a performance of approximately one hour in a wheelchair accessible venue. Drinks will be available for purchase in the lobby prior to the performance.

Our Saturday matinee will be a relaxed performance, meaning it will be family friendly with come-and-go entrance, lowered volume and no flashing lights for those with sensory concerns. It also offers pay-what-you-can pricing to ensure accessibility; $15-25 recommended amount, $5 minimum. 

What we do

Corps Bara's repertoire is designed to be performed in a wide range of venues. From short pieces great for fundraisers, community events or church services, to full-length theatrical performances, Corps Bara is driven by the belief that art has the power to change lives and needs to be available to all people. 

Contemporary in style, Corps Bara merges artistry and physicality through the creation of work that explores meaningful questions at the intersection of our spiritual and earthly journeys.

We have a rich history of collaboration with other artists and community groups. Corps Bara has performed or collaborated with artists and arts organizations such as Cum Vino Cantus Choir, EnChor Chamber Choir, Luminous Voices, Dayna Ellen Visual Art, Alyssa Durnie Opera, Ambrose Orchestra, CORE Choir, Two Late to the Party and Fire Exit Theatre. We have also performed at local charity benefit concerts, partnering with organizations such as the Mustard Seed and Servants Anonymous. 

Get in touch to enquire about collaborations or booking us for events.